Any SaaS Business Can Build a Profitable Blog

You can be the go-to source of information for your ideal user, even if you're brand new. All it takes is deploying a "sales funnel" attitude to your blog.

If you’ve already sunk resources into a blog that didn’t go anywhere, don’t worry. Most advice out there just tells you to "make epic s#!t", whatever that means. A lot of the biggest blogs out there started a long time ago, and circulate advice that worked back then, but not now.

Other advice warns that a blog's results take a long time to come around. And they will, unless you build each article as a strategic long-term asset.

The Content Lab method is based on this fact:

Articles are landing pages.

So start acting like it.

If you are not comfortable sending paid traffic to an article, you haven't treated it like the profitable asset it could be. Why not?

Landing pages are created carefully, with your customer avatar in mind. They have a single end-result that is tracked and held accountable. You know how much each visitor is worth.

That's how we treat the articles we produce.


The "Blog Funnel"

We are focused on a single deliverable. The blog funnel.

This constriction produces a level of excellence that would be impossible if we were spread thin. If you require something other than what's listed below, get in touch and we might be able to refer you or offer a consultation.

We deliver weekly:


This service does not include engagement with your mailing list or social media following.


Are You a Good Fit?

If you fit the following criteria, I’m confident you’ll get a huge ROI from Content Lab’s service.

  1. You’re running a SaaS or other recurring revenue model with good scalability.
  2. Your average customer value is at least £40/month.
  3. You have 5,000 people or more on your mailing list.

If you don’t fit the above criteria and you still think you could benefit from our service let's schedule a call to make sure.

Choose a time from the list that's convenient to you.

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