Articles Are Not Enough Anymore

Any SaaS business can build a blog that makes money and builds authority in the industry.

All it takes is to treat every article like it’s part of a funnel.

“Funnelising” your articles is not as hard as you might think. Here’s how we do it…


The Final Product


The Process

1. Inception

Before you begin, you’ll need good ideas that are likely to get a good response from your market. This includes finding trending topics (search term and social media research), knowing your “reader avatar”, and planning/tying together articles in a cohesive way.

2. Mapping

There are legends of blogging demi-gods who can write a fantastic in-depth piece by writing it all out from start to finish. The rest of us mere mortals have to map it out first. The “soft” skills of writing, such as tying together multiple ideas cohesively, requires some sketching.

3. Drafting

Unfiltered stream-of-conscious is the best way to draft. While loosely following your map, dump everything from your mind to the screen. Touch-typing is a must. Research must be kept until the end of the flow session. Use “TK” or other placeholder to come back to knowledge gaps later.

4. Editing

Cut the fluff. Boil down the rambly rhetoric of the draft into sharp, penetrating prose. Copywriting skills come in handy, even though it’s not a sales page. Make sure the words speak from the reader’s perspective more than the author’s, and that it’s as easy to understand as possible.

5. Designing

Find a featured image, and any other images or diagrams that the article needs. If you’re going to repurpose the article into an infographic etc, do it here. The Content Upgrade now needs to be built. Promotional visuals can be made, using quotes from the final draft.

6. Funnelising

Pun intended. Finalise the whole thing and make sure it works as a funnel. If you use short links, create them. Add email form links which will take people to the correct content upgrade. Tick off each deliverable and task in your project management system and proofread/double-check everything.


Next: Promotion

That was creation. Next is “promotion”, which doesn’t fall under Content Lab’s core product.

However, step 6 “funnelising” allows you to watch what happens as you promote. You’ll see links being clicked (and much more with wholisting analytics), and you’ll see that attention turn into email subscribers.

Content marketing is getting more and more competitive every year. This kind of system is really the only way to near-guarantee good results.